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Zug, May 6th 2022, SCRYPT reinforces its custody capabilities and expands even further the scope of its supported assets by integrating Dfns technology, a compliant and secure Digital Asset custodial solution provider.

SCRYPT will benefit from Dfns keyless technology, using a decentralised custody network designed to remove all single points of failure, and facilitate a frictionless business integration.

The Swiss-based institutional Digital Asset liquidity provider – which is already known for offering more than 2000 tradable pairs to its professional clients – will also be able to extend the number of supported assets thanks to this collaboration.

\’\’In addition to their robust security infrastructure, Dfns is providing one of the easiest custody systems to integrate. We are excited to expand our list of supported assets and work alongside Clarisse and the Dfns team as they grow.\’\’

Norman Wooding, CEO & Founder of SCRYPT.


SCRYPT is a leading crypto-native Swiss-regulated institutional liquidity provider

SCRYPT provides best aggregated spot prices across the market and offers market making services to crypto projects and exchanges.

Learn more about SCRYPT’s custody solution. Send us an email toinfo@scrypt.swiss

About Dfns

Dfns is a cybersecurity company that builds custody SaaS protocol for web3 apps. Its mission is to bring serenity to DeFi by eliminating new blockchain risks and vulnerabilities, and making crypto transactions easier, faster, more affordable, and compliant with exisiting regulations.

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