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Encouraging the Adoption of Crypto Assets by Building Trust

Blockchain technology is revolutionising traditional financial systems by fostering transparency and decentralization, paving the way for more accessible and inclusive financial services for individuals and institutions.

SCRYPT’s vision is to drive the transition into this new financial paradigm by to becoming a trusted Swiss-regulated service provider specialising in crypto assets for web3 companies and institutions.

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, we constantly innovate to deliver best-in-class products and services, from trading, custody, staking and soon investment management solutions. With a steadfast commitment to security, compliance, simplicity, and tailored solutions, we serve not only as a service provider but as your reliable partner in the fast-paced world of crypto assets.

As recognised leaders in our industry, our services accommodate the unique needs from established institutions to pioneering web3 start-ups.

Join us on our journey and unlock the full potential of the crypto assets today.

Photo of Norman Wooding on the right and Sylvan Martin on the left. Both men are wearing white collared shirts and standing with their arms crossed smiling.
The Origin Story

From Basement, to Bootstrapped, to Billions

SCRYPT was founded in 2019 by Norman and Sylvan. They spent 2 years bootstrapped and self-funded until November 2021. Persevering throughout the global pandemic from their parents’ basement, where they achieved a remarkable milestone of trading a volume surpassing USD 1 billion.

Since then, SCRYPT has grown rapidly, establishing a reputation as a trusted provider of crypto assets services for institutions.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes trading, custody, staking, and portfolio management, providing our clients with everything they need to succeed in the crypto assets market.

Today, we have a strong team of talented individuals across the globe, all dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience in the crypto assets market.

Compliance & Security

Swiss, Simple & Secure

As a member of the Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO), “Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen” (VQF), SCRYPT adheres to Swiss AML regulations.

With a focus on ease of use and streamlined processes, we ensure our activities align with local and international regulations, providing our clients with straightforward and hassle-free operations in the crypto asset market.

With our advanced custody solution, encompassing Multi-Party Computation (MPC) software, Transaction Authorisation Policies, and rigorous risk management, we offer institutional-grade security for safeguarding clients' crypto assets while adhering to the highest standards of compliance.  

Zurich landscape photo in black and white representing SCRYPT, a Swiss Self-Regulatory organisation

Visionary Team

Our team brings together a wealth of expertise, including quantitative traders, engineers, digital asset experts, investment and capital market professionals who have honed their skills at some of the world's largest and most prestigious financial institutions.

A photograph of a young man with dark hair in a royal blue suit and a white shirt smiling widely at the camera

Norman Wooding

CEO & Founder

A photograph of a young man with brown hair wearing a blue textured suit and a royal blue shirt with his arms folded in front of him smiling at the camera

Sylvan Martin

COO & Founder

Marc Wäckerlin

Chief Technology Officer

A photograph of a man smiling at the camera wearing a sky blue shirt with his arms folded in front of him.

Cyril Pipaud

Chief Product Officer

A portrait photograph of a man facing the camera smiling wearing a black suit with a white shirt

Matthias Mettler

Compliance Officer

Lois Masson

Relationship Manager

A photograph of a caucasian woman with long brown hair wearing a white shirt beneath a cream sleeveless knit jumper with her arms folded looking at the camera

Carolina Qui

Senior Account Executive

A portrait photograph of a young man wearing black framed glasses wearing a black suit and sky blue shirt smiling at the camera

Justin Kong

Quantitative Manager

A portrait photograph of a young man wearing a navy blue suit and a black shirt smiling at the camera

Daniel Matyas

Founding Partner

A photograph of a man with dark hair and stubble wearing a black suit with a white shirt with his arms folded in front of him

Nicolas Steiner

Strategic Development

Stephane Leroy - Advisor to SCRYPT

Stephane Leroy

Growth Strategist

Farah Burma

Farah Burma

Head of Communications

Gabriel Titopoulos

Trading Analyst

The portrait photograph of a young woman with long brown hair smiling at the camera wearing a black jacket and a white shirt

Celeste Centeno

Accounting & Compliance

A portrait photograph of a young man with dark hair wearing a pale blue shirt smiling slightly at the camera

Michal Polit

Software Engineer


We take pride in our distinguished panel of advisors, featuring experts from diverse backgrounds.

Our advisors comprise individuals with extensive experience in scaling fintech, navigating financial markets and derivatives, shaping crypto regulation, driving innovation, and spearheading the blockchain industry.


Andreas Glarner

Crypto Regulation & Law

Stephen Richardson - Advisor to SCRYPT

Stephen Richardson

Product & Fintech

Black and white portrait photograph of a man with shoulder length hair and a short beard looking at the camera smiling slightly

Cactus Raazi

Fintech & Financial Markets

Black and white photograph portrait of a man with a beard and dark hair looking at the camera smiling slightly

Jose Neif Jury

Innovation & Derivatives Specialist


Hansjoerg Hettich

Funding, Regulation & Innovation


Claudio Schneider

Innovation & Blockchain


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