Sustainable & Superior Risk-Adjusted Rewards

Enterprise-Grade Staking

SCRYPT offers an all-in-one service with premium support, providing Swiss-based security and a seamless experience with no technical requirements. Trust us to safeguard your digital assets and enjoy peace of mind.

A Comprehensive

We provide a comprehensive solution for staking digital assets to generate a predictable, sustainable and superior risk adjusted yield on your digital assets portfolio.

Secure Crypto

Digital assets staked with SCRYPT stay under our custody, which means clients do not take a counterparty risk with a third-party provider. Coupled with robust multi-signature processes, and HSM, MPC, SOC 1 Type 2 audited wallet security.

One-Stop Shop for

We provide a comprehensive solution fWe provide custody and access to best execution for trading, and our solution allows clients access to industry-leading staking providers in a smooth way, allowing you to avoid tedious operational and technical processes with multiple providers.

Superior Staking

Our staking solution is built on an open architecture of enterprise-grade staking infrastructure providers that allow risk mitigation and securely earn yield on your investments. We ensure that all staking providers have robust risk mitigation policies, monitoring of protocol upgrades, regional nodes hosted across multiple cloud providers, and 24/7 support.

Supported Assets


We provide our clients with a monthly portfolio statement that includes detailed information on their digital assets under staking. This statement offers a comprehensive overview of your staking activities, including the assets involved, the staking duration, and any associated rewards or earnings.

Our staking fees are designed to provide you with a transparent and comprehensive solution, encompassing all operating costs such as custody, gas fees, and VAT.

We charge a fixed fee of 12.5% of staking rewards, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit from your staking activities while covering all associated costs.

We employ a robust storage solution to safeguard all staked assets, ensuring their protection and integrity. Additionally, we conduct comprehensive due diligence on supported blockchains and their staking mechanisms, guaranteeing a secure and reliable service you can trust.

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