Customer Story

Kiln Trusts SCRYPT to Convert Staking Rewards to Fiat Seamlessly

Kiln offers streamlined access to blockchain protocols for its users. With staking as a foundational element, Kiln empowers asset owners to utilise their holdings in securing networks and earning notable rewards in the process.

Kiln champions its role as a prime aggregator, allowing users the convenience of seamlessly staking across multiple networks, ensuring optimised rewards while preserving the core essence of decentralisation.







The Challenge

In a rapidly evolving crypto landscape, managing financial assets becomes increasingly complex for institutions like Kiln. Primarily, Kiln, as a pioneering tech provider for liquid staking, faces the inherent challenge of agile treasury management. With most of their revenue model centered around the collection of performance fees (commissions on staking rewards), the majority of their income is in crypto assets. This poses a considerable challenge when they need to convert their staking rewards into fiat or other cryptocurrencies swiftly, especially given the volatile nature of the crypto market.

The Solution

Recognising these challenges, SCRYPT provides Kiln with a seamless on/off-ramping service tailored to their needs.
With a commitment to optimal trading conditions and superior execution, as evidenced by its 99.99% uptime and Smart Order Routing (SOR) algorithm, SCRYPT offers Kiln the agility and flexibility it needs. This partnership not only allows Kiln to make timely and strategic treasury management decisions but also positions both entities for extended collaboration in the future.

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