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Polymath Grows Polymesh Blockchain Node Operators with SCRYPT

Polymesh, currently in testnet phase, is an institutional-grade blockchain specifically for regulated securities that was purpose-built by Polymath to address the regulatory gaps in existing blockchains such as Ethereum.

Differing from general-purpose blockchains, Polymesh requires its node operators to be known, trusted, and verified capital markets participants. This approach removes the issues that occur when on-chain transactions are confirmed by pseudonymous entities in unknown jurisdictions.

The Challenge

The blockchain industry often struggles with regulatory challenges when it comes to securities. Traditional blockchains like Ethereum have inherent regulatory gaps which can be problematic, especially when transactions are verified by pseudonymous entities from unspecified regions, causing concerns for capital markets, particularly in areas of identity, compliance, confidentiality, and governance. Institutions, despite their growing interest in blockchain for its potential in operational efficiency and yield sourcing, require a more tailored solution to align with capital market requirements.

The Solution

Enter Polymesh, an institutional-grade blockchain developed by Polymath specifically for regulated securities. Unlike general-purpose blockchains, Polymesh demands its node operators to be recognised, trustworthy, and validated participants in the capital market. Recognizing this unique proposition, SCRYPT took the initiative to run an authoring node on Polymesh. This ensures that blockchain transactions are not only compliant but are also anchored in transparency and trust. 

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“Institutions are increasingly turning to blockchain, be this for increased operational efficiency and infrastructure, or in their search for new sources of yield. Polymesh provides strong foundations that will play a critical role in helping blockchain companies meet the needs of capital markets and their participants. We’re excited to be a core component of their network and look forward to working together.”

Sylvan Martin

COO & Founder

“The team at SCRYPT brings a wealth of expertise and experience in cryptocurrency investment and trading solutions. We’re delighted to have Scrypt join our growing node operator network for Polymesh.”

Chris Housser

Interim CEO at Polymath

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Your Trusted Partner for Crypto Assets.  SCRYPT is a  premier Swiss licenced financial service provider with a focus on institutional-grade crypto asset services.​ We empower institutions and Web3 companies with comprehensive access to the crypto asset landscape. 

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