Nicolas Steiner

Nicolas is a seasoned entrepreneur and venture creator with over two decades of dedication in leading digital transformation and distribution shifts. His proficiency encompasses multiple sectors, including Telecom, Banking, and Asset Management.

His notable career includes significant achievements in establishing ventures, such as emerging technology investments, which has led to opportunities to advise, partner, and lead projects with some of the world’s most esteemed clients.

His work history includes major industry players such as Swisscom, Orange, Global Cloud Exchange, Vodafone, and Bank of America, among others. Additionally, his financial expertise includes collaborations with well-known financial institutions such as Prudential and Finstar Financial Group.Currently, Nicolas holds the position of Director of Strategy and Innovation at Invesco for the EMEA and APAC region​.

Nicolas remains a pivotal figure in the digital transformation and venture creation sectors, consistently identifying and leveraging emerging opportunities.

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