Lois Masson

Lois Masson is the Relationships Manager at SCRYPT, leading a pivotal role in our ongoing efforts to amplify our crypto asset solutions for institutional clientele.

Lois brings extensive network and experience in FinTech and Crypto, which enriches SCRYPT’s digital asset solutions and services for institutional clients. As part of the institutional desk, Lois works closely with our leadership team and advisors to oversee all aspects of new and existing client portfolios, ensuring their success. He drives business development initiatives to fuel the company’s growth strategy.

He brings over 7 years of experience in institutional digital assets solutions, digital banking, consulting, and account management to SCRYPT. A significant portion of his career was dedicated to Swissquote as their Relationship Manager, where he was responsible for proactive sales initiatives and referral opportunities. He has a strong understanding of crypto trading systems as well as Risk, Compliance, and Trading functions.

His academic achievements, including a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Philosophy from Bates College, only add further depth to his multifaceted profile.

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